All our products are original, new and come in the original packaging with tag.

We provide warranty for all our products.

Request for information and appointments:

Phone number:
+36 20 210 81 11
+36 30 564 2927

Monday - Sunday
8:00 - 18:00




Pierre Cardin pulóverek érkeztek!

Pierre Cardin pulover 901501

Pierre Cardin pulóverek érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


Levis férfi pólók érkeztek!

Levis polo 903101

Levis férfi pólók érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


Disney gyerek pulóver mix érkezett!

Disney gyerek pulover 54401

Disney   gyerek   pulóver   mix    1 400 Ft  (kb 4,4 Euro) / darab áron kaphatók!

Frozen, My little Pony, Minions, Paw Patrol, Soy Luna, Siderman, Princess, Transformers, Star Wars, stb…

Egy csomag tartalma:
Gyerek pulóver 40 db

Méretek: 2 - 12 éves korig

Ára:  1 400 Ft  / db



Mustang férfi pólók érkeztek!

Mustang ferfi polo 903301

Mustang férfi pólók érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


John Devin férfi kabát mix érkezett!

Jhon Devin ffi kabat 56502

John Devin férfi kabát mix érkezett, 4 900 Ft ( 13,95 Euro) / darab áron kaphatók!

Egy csomag tartalma:
John Devin férfi kabát 10 db

Méretek: S M L XL XXL
Ára: 4 900 Ft / db



Umbro pólók érkeztek!

Umbro polo 900111

Umbro pólók érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


Jack and Jones pulóverek érkeztek!

Jack and Jones pulover 900801

Jack and Jones pulóverek érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


Ünnepi nyitvatartásunk:

2020.12. 24–25.-26.Zárva
2020.12. 31. Zárva
2021.01.01. Zárva
2021.01.02.-Nyitva minden nap

Opening hours:
26–25-24/12/ 2020.Closed
30-29–28-27 /12/ 2020.Open
31 /12/ 2020. Closed
01 /01/ 2021. Closed
From 02  /01/ 2021.Open every day


Puma pólók érkeztek!

Puma polo 52431

Puma pólók érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL XXL


Női farmernadrágok érkeztek!

Nöi nadrag 53802

Női farmernadrágok érkeztek, nagy választékban!

Méretek: S M L XL


Brand clothing OUTLET stock wholesale.

Welcome to our wholesale webpage

 We inform you that we serve our customers in our wholesale store according to our usual opening hours.
Open: Monday-Sunday 8 a.m.-15 p.m.
Please contact us to arrange an appointment for your purchase!

You can visit our wholesale store only if you wear latex gloves and mouth mask.
We will check that at the entrance when you enter our warehouse.
If you do not have any latex gloves or mouth masks, our company provides you with disposable gloves and mouth masks free of charge for entering our warehouse.

International brands at unbeatable cheap prices, for merchants only!

All our products are original, new and come in the original packaging with!

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Our company has been engaged in the wholesale of new brand clothes 2006 years Hungarian Debrecen. Thanks to our development, we have retailers and wholesalers in several countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Austria, etc.) in an increasing number. We receive products from the warehouses of several large European store chains and we can offer cheap and competitive prices to our merchants. Our brand clothing products are fashionable, as generally we sell products from the previous year.

Our offer includes well-known international brands and clothes, footwear and accessories from famous European fashion houses. We provide a large variety of brand clothes throughout the year.

Video elicitation: 28.02.2017.



Nike, Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Morgan, ICHI, Adidas, Fila, Diesel, Replay, Only, Vero Moda, Object, O’neill, Cache Cache, Jennyfer, Kiabi, Playboy, Quicksilver, Reebok, Levis, Energie, Columbia, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, S.Oliver, U.S. Polo Assn, Wrangler, Ecko, Roca Wear, Animal, Esprit, M&S, Roxy, Jane Norman, G-star, River Island, Peoples Market, Aeropostale, Matteo Volpi, Pepe, No Fear, Lambretta, Urban Spirit, American Eagle, Levis, Jack & Jones, DKNY , Everlast, Lee Cooper, Pierre Cardin, Tap Out, Benetton, DC, Gas, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Mexx, Pull and Bear, S.Oliver, Tally Weijl, Tom Tailor, Next, Puma,...


Purchase options:

1. You can purchase the products suitable for you from the shelf in 5-piece sorted packages (various sizes).

2. In the case of buying unit packages, you can purchase at better prices, buying packages which generally contain 20-50 pieces of products.


We receive several thousand products almost every week, thus we have a fast stock turnover. You can always find suitable products in our large stock, and you can take it with you from our warehouse straightaway.


Our products come at prices which allow merchants to operate with margins of up to 100% and still sell them retail at fractions of the original prices. Prices are net prices exclusive of VAT.


After your first purchase made personally, we can deliver your orders with the DPD shipping company.


Products on our website are updated seldom, as we receive several thousand products every week, making it almost impossible for us to update the website regularly.


All our products are original and we provide warranty for our products.